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What is a pathfinder?

A pathfinder is a guide for researchers. Pathfinders have been used in libraries for many years to save researchers time, and to help them avoid frustrating dead ends.
Pathfinders can now exist in a variety of formats, but this post explains why they should be online and easily edited: (Adapted from Ten Reasons Why Your Next Pathfinder Should be a Wiki NeverEndingSearch, SLJ, June 20, 2007)

Pathfinders lead researchers through information jungles. They make sense of the huge variety of information buckets.

They can suggest keywords and tags and call numbers. They can suggest books and journals to browse. They link researchers to critical readings and websites and blogs and wikis and portals and databases. They suggest strategies for searching and for documentation.

In the voice of the librarian, they make sure that student researchers know about the very best tools in their information toolkits. Pathfinders allow us to intervene in ways that offer learners the independence they crave.

 ! Go to for some brilliant pathfinders



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