The whole of my world by Nicole Hayes

     Desperate to escape her grieving father and harbouring her own terrible secret.  Shelley disappears into the intoxicating world of AFL.  Joining a motley cres of footy tragics – and best of all making friends with one of the stars playes – Shelley finds somewhere to belong… finally she is winning.. so why don’t her friends get it?  Everyone thinks there is something going on between Shelley and Mick.  But there isn’t is there??

Reboot : Amy Tintera

         5 years ago, I died…. 178 minutes later, I woke up.

Wren – otherwise known as 178 – was dead for 178 minutes before she rebooted.  She is the highest number and the best on the force.  Her new trainee Callum, otherwise known as 22 might be the worst.  He cannot fight.  And he smiles a lot – something that confuses Wren who prides herself on having no emotions.  Then Wren’s commanders order her to eliminate Callum.  She has never disobeyed an order.  What follows is a death-defying escape, the journey of two teens to rescue others of their kind and to find a safe place where Reboots can be HUMAN again….

Recon Team Angel : Assault by Brian Falkner

    First in a thrilling new series from the best selling and award winning author of THE TOMORROW CODE, BRAINJACK and THE PROJECT.

It is 2030 and the world is at war with an alien race.  The battleground : Earth.

Recon Team Angel, a multinational group of teenage soldiers has been training for years.  Now it is time to act.  They must slip behind enemy lines and infiltrate a top-secret alien facility.  What they discover will shock not just them, but all of humanity…..

Maze runner by James Dashner (Book one)

   A must for fans of THE HUNGER GAMES.

When the doors of the lift crank open, the only thing Thomas can remember is his first name.  But he is not alone.  He is surrounded by boys who welcome him to the Glade, an encampment at the centre of a bizarre and terrible maze. 

Like Thomas, the Gladers do not know why or how they came to be there, or what is happening to the world outside.  All they know is that every morning when the walls slide back, they risk everything to find out.

Dare you by Sue Lawson

     When does a dare stop being a game?

Ruby, Khaden and Sas have been best friends forever, but they are not kids anymore.   Life has become complicated and it is testing the boundaries of their friendship.  Despite the warning signs, their childish games spiral out of control, threatening to unravel the world as they know it.

And this time somebody will lose.

The Farm by Emily McKay

Blood is life, life is death.

For Lily and her twin sister, Mel, there is only the Farm….

It’s a prison, a blood bank, a death camp – where fear and paranoia rule.  But it’s also home, of sorts.  Because beyond the electric fence awaits a fate much, much worse. 

But Lily has a plan….

The Farm takes you into a terrifying future where civilization has ended, and leaves you there – fearful, grasping and begging to escape.

Metawars : Fight for the future by Jeff Norton

Whose side are you on?

In the unforgiving future, two warring factions – the Millennials and the Guardians are locked in a brutal battle over control of an online-virtual world called the Metasphere.  John Delacroix has always known which side he’s on – the same side as his dead father.  But when he assumes his father’s avatar, he learns that things are not as black and white as he once believed.  He is catapulted into a full-trottle race through both worlds – but can he find the truth? 

The first in an awesome new series. 

May cause irritation : the world of Norm by Jonathan Meres

“One of my comic heroes” Harry Hill

Norm knew it was going to be one of those days when he woke up and found himself standing at a supermarket checkout, totally naked.

OK, its just a crazy dream.  But is it a sign of things to come?  Of a certain embarrassing photo being posted on Facebook?  Of revenge?  And do not get Norm started on his perfect cousins, with their perfect manners and perfect grades …. IT’S ALL SO FLIPPING IRRITATING!!

S.C.U.M. by Danny Katz

“Danny Katz is one of the hilariest writers I know.  Hilariest?  Is that a word?  It is now” Frank Woodley.

It’s just an ordinary day for Tom Zurbo-Goldblatt.

The possibility of romance with his dream girl.

The chance to pit his strength against the insane.

Powerful friendships to forge.

Wrongs to right.

The ultimate test of survival against the badass ninjas of stupidity of death.