How to reference your research project – creating bibliographies

An on-line reference generator has been created and is available at

 Recording the details of your research

You can take notes if you want to, but one thing you must do is record the bibliographical details of everything you look at.  This info can be found on the first couple of pages of the book . This is to ensure you don’t accidentally pass  on someone else’s ideas and words as your own. Information needs to be recorded in your own words and not pasted from the internet.   This will help  avoid  be accused of  plagiarism ie. not acknowledging the work of other people

Here is a sample bibliography using the a system used all over the world – The Harvard  Reference  System: Go to the page on bibliographies at

Keep these details on all your research notes!!!!!    Hint: Use a different colour pen  for each different  reference 





Place of Publication

  • Book with one author
    Elvin, Ian 1993, Sport and physical recreation, Longman, Harlow, Essex
  • Book with two or more authors
    Pitts, Brenda G. and Stotlar, David K. 1996, Fundamentals of sport marketing, Fitness Information Technology, Morgantown, West Virginia
  • Book without author
    Guinness book of records 1998, 1997, Australian ed., Guinness, Enfield, Middlesex
  • Video recording
    On the juice: can the Olympics be drug free? 1998, Video Education Australasia, Bendigo, Victoria 27 mins.
  • Newspaper article
    “What you should know about the Sydney Olympic Stadium” 1999, Weekend Australian, January 30-31, p. 62
  • Unpublished Material i.e. lecture notes or overheads
    teacher/author, 2003/undated, document or lecture title, Yeronga Institute of TAFE, Brisbane.
  • Full text journal article from electronic database
    author, ‘article title’, magazine title, [Electronic] Vol. 90, issue 3, p.38, Available: Electric Library [2003, January 15]
  • Email
    Smith, F. (, Coaching the junior hockey player, [E-mail] personal email to A. Stendrup ( [17 July 1999]
  • Website
    Human Anatomy Online, 2000, Intellimed International Corporation: Inner Learning Online [WWW] [Accessed 05 January 2003]
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