Watcher in the shadows by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

      Irene, her friend Ishmael and Dorian must battle through their own fears in order to find the truth behind the tales told by the local villagers and the past exposed through the diary of a woman who is said to have drowned years before.

Set in pre-WWII France this story will lead the reader into a series of twisted and unpredictable events.

Shahana (through my eyes) by Roseanne Hawk

      Thirteen year old Shahana and her nine-year-old brother, Tanveer live in their grandfather’s one bedroom wooden house near the Line of Conrol between Azad Kashmir and Indian-occupied Kashmir. They find a boy lying unconscious in the grass and drag him home.  Over time, Zahid’s story comes out – his father’s abduction, his own capture by militants, his escape and his longing for peace.  Shana knows she is taking a terrible risk sheltering him because of social and religious taboos….. but Zahid will play a crucial role in rescuing Shahana from a threat within her community.