Saving Thanehaven by Catherine Jinks

   Saving the world isn’t always a game…

What’s really inside your computer?

It’s no fun being Noble the Slayer, perpetually fighting bloodthirsty monsters in a quest to rescue Princess Lorellina from the Fortress of Bone.  But it never occurs to Noble that he could do anything else … until a stranger called Rufus asppears, and changes everything.

Rufus has his own ideas about how to live life.  He persuades Noble that rules are made to be broken – just as long as you are willing to take some risks.  But as his world comes crashing down, Noble begins to question his new friends’s motives.  Could it be true that Rufus is actually a computer virus, and that he is slowly destroying the computer that happens to contain Noble’s entire world?

This smart, funny, action-packed fantasy pushes the boundaries of space and time.


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